Community Priorities

Now is the time to hold polluters accountable to restoring our river to the highest level.

Who are these polluters? We’re talking some small, but other very recognizable companies that collectively make billions of dollars a year: Bayer CropScience, Chevron, Gunderson, Kinder Morgan, Arkema, Exxon, BP, Arco, Conoco Phillips, Shell, Schnitzer Steel, Toyota, US Navy, Zidell, and over 100 others.

But a sustainably cleaned up harbor will NOT automatically benefit all. We’ve seen these adverse effects in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, even Portland’s South Waterfront. Without serious intervention, those who have suffered so much in the past will NOT enjoy the outcomes of a cleaned up harbor.

We demand:

  • Superfund job training and family-wage jobs for impacted Portlanders and youth

  • Adequate affordable housing in neighborhoods adjacent to the river; reparations for displaced communities, and measures to prevent further displacement

  • Support for the houseless by stopping all sweeps of riverside camps; affordable housing for houseless people along the river

  • Greater public access to the river; early opportunities for community/youth groups to help shape/lead river access projects, including restoration projects within that support enhanced fish and wildlife habitat

  • Community Benefit Agreements between impacted communities, polluters and government to ensure equity provisions are implemented during and following cleanup

Our River. Our Future.

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