Core Partners

  • American Indian Movement (AIM: Portland Chapter)
    • Develops partnerships to address the common needs of the people and ensuring the fulfillment of treaties made with the United States.
  • Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon
    • Unites Asians and Pacific Islanders to achieve social justice by using collective strengths to advance equity through empowering, organizing and advocating with their communities.
  • Czech School of Portland
    • Provides Czech language and cultural education to maintain Czech cultural heritage while strengthening multicultural understanding.
  • East European Coalition
    • Unites the Eastern European Communities in Oregon and promotes Eastern European culture.
  • Green Anchors Partners
    • Green Anchors is a 7 acre eco-industrial park with green and creative tendencies, situated on the north shore of the Willamette River, just downstream of the St Johns Bridge.
  • Groundwork Portland
    • Brings about sustainable, community-led improvement of the physical environment in low-income areas, while promoting environmental and social justice.
  • Iraqi Society of Oregon
    • Helps integrate Iraqi residents into Portland life by providing basic skills and a sense of community.
  • Lideres Verde
    • Cully neighborhood Latino residents in leadership training on environmental and social justice issues.
  • Oregon AFSCME
    • Oregon AFSCME Council 75 represents some 25,000 workers in Oregon.
  • Portland Youth and Elders Council
    • A grassroots advocacy group housed at NAYA Family Center, open to everyone interested in building a strong civic connection with the local Native American community.
  • Right 2 Survive
    • Educates both houseless and housed people on their civil, human, and constitutional rights empowers houseless people to stand up for themselves when their rights are violated. They bridge the gap between housed and un-housed people by clearing away misconceptions and stigmas associated with houselessness.
  • Wiconi International
    • Provides education, encouragement and offer practical support to Native American families and communities in creating a preferred future.
  • Wisdom of the Elders
    • Records and preserves the oral history, cultural arts, language concepts, and traditional ecological knowledge of exemplary American Indian historians, cultural leaders and environmentalists in collaboration with arts and cultural organizations and educational institutions. They especially seek to correct misconceptions, end prejudice, bring health and wellness to Native people, and demonstrate how Indian culture has and is continuing to enrich our worlds.

Support/Advisory Partners

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