About Us:

Founded in 2012, we are a group of individual community groups elevating¬† the most-impacted groups (Native Americans, African-Americans/Black, immigrants, and houseless) in the billion dollar federal cleanup of the eleven mile Willamette River “Superfund” site, Portland Harbor.


To raise the voices and build capacity of the local community-based Environmental Justice communities, ensuring these communities are able to influence the final outcome of the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup process.  Environmental Justice (EJ) communities in this case are defined as those most disproportionately at risk of negative health impacts from Willamette River contaminants.


  • Create a more inclusive, equitable community-based clean-up process by actively engaging environmental justice communities in early and meaningful decision-making.
  • Work with partners and municipal collaborators to assess, develop, and deliver equitable and engaged services advancing ¬†justice.
  • Catalyze thoughtful discussion, analysis and implementation of environmental, economic, and social justice issues surrounding the Portland Harbor Superfund site through community events, media and education.

Our River. Our Future.

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