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Proposed EPA Superfund cleanup plan does NOT do enough to protect impacted communities.

We know that the current $750 million cleanup plan proposed by the EPA does not address our needs or concerns around a healthy river so our children and future generations can eat what they fish from the river. It does not create adequate green job opportunities for those that have been impacted, and fails to hold polluters adequately accountable.

To make the needed changes to the EPA plan, PHCC is organizing and elevating the voices of marginalized and impacted communities. Make your voice heard for the changes we need and the healthy river we deserve!


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Check out our PHCC – Superfund Testimony Guide for helpful information and tips to help our communities, families and neighbors write effective comments.

About Us:

The Portland Harbor Community Coalition (PHCC) is a group of individual community members, community of color organizations, conservation organizations, environmental justice organizations, higher educational institutions, and Native organizations, all invested in the outcome of the Willamette River’s Superfund site cleanup.

To find out more about our work, check out our PHCC Info Sheet.


To raise the voices and build capacity of the local community-based Environmental Justice communities, ensuring these communities are able to influence the final outcome of the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup process.  Environmental Justice (EJ) communities in this case are defined as those most disproportionately at risk of negative health impacts from Willamette River contaminants.


  • Create a more inclusive, equitable community-based clean-up process by actively engaging environmental justice communities in early and meaningful decision-making.
  • Work with partners and municipal collaborators to assess, develop, and deliver equitable and engaged services advancing triple-bottom-line justice.
  • Engage youth from environmental justice communities in this process
  • Catalyze thoughtful discussion, analysis and implementation of environmental, economic, and social justice issues surrounding the Portland Harbor Superfund site through community events, media, and education.
  • Support EJ communities to use their stories and statements to advance their priorities on equitable involvement, public heath, and sustainability in the cleanup process, and to speak up if the record of decision and cleanup plan do not reflect community priorities.
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